Distributed digital economy and finance aggregation platform

What is the Basel Concordat´╝č

The most influential and representative financial regulatory standards and agreements are still in use today. However, in the face of complex international financial situation and financial demands, people need more transparent and open financial agreements to break the barriers of traditional finance, Basel.Concordat Based on years of financial technology research and development, bas aims to break the tradition by building a decentralized financial system shared by everyone To unify the financial system, we should create a global financial autonomous community and an inclusive financial network for all.



A mobile phone or computer can access the bas protocol in any corner of the world, so as to enjoy various financial services, such as decentralized lending, decentralized financial management, etc.


Bas users always have absolute control over their own assets. Users can act as buyers or sellers in financial transactions without any threshold.

Transparency award

Bas code is open source, anyone can verify its security, interaction rules, and actual network usage.

Resistance to censorship

In BAS, the system treats all transactions equally and protects the privacy of traders.


Bas is realized by smart contract, which can edit and adjust smart contract to realize different financial logic.


Different underlying protocols are used to combine with upper layer applications to produce various new applications.


Bas can interact digital assets with the value of French currency and physical assets.


Bas can spread risk. For example, traditional investment and digital currency are combined to disperse investment risk.

Allocation scheme
The total number of tokens was 21 million and the circulation was 2.1 million